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How Bad Is Fat? - Quiz

Updated Thursday, 8th September 2005

Test your knowledge on fat

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Cooking oil

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1. What is the primary reason we humans have a layer of fat under our skin?


2. We also have fat between our muscle layers - what's that for?


3. What is fat made out of?


4. Why doesn't the rest of the animal kingdom have the same problem with obesity we humans do?


5. Which has the greatest proportion of fat?


6. What is the UK government's recommended intake of fat in the diet?


7. Which type of people are at the greatest risk of developing conditions such as late onset diabetes?


8. What's the difference between saturated and unsaturated fats?


9. Which groups of people MUST eat fat in their diet (NB more than one answer may be correct)


10. Which of the following is true?


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