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Updated Wednesday, 27th April 2005

Ever Wondered About Food takes a look at eggs

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Paul and an egg

Eggs are a truly universal food and the world tucks into nearly two billion of them every day. We love them scrambled, boiled, poached, baked, fried, beaten, whipped and even raw.

In this programme, Ever Wondered places the humble egg on a spoon and takes us on a race through the 5000 year story of nature's perfect meal. On the way we discover how to make powdered eggs palatable, why the Lion brand saved the British egg, and the truth behind the salmonella food scares.

In the kitchen Paul Merrett makes an authentic Spanish Omelette, he explains the science behind cooking a perfect poached egg to use in Eggs Benedict, what the secret is behind creating superb soufflés – and how to rustle up scrumptious Eggy Bread.





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