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Author: Ian Cheshire
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Ian Cheshire on industry awards

Updated Thursday, 24th February 2011
"It's better than the boss turning up and saying 'well done, guys'..."

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Ian Cheshire

I think what awards do is really validate the work that your teams have done inside the business, and it’s great to get recognition from someone else outside the business because it’s better frankly than the boss showing up and saying well done guys, you did really well.  But it is really about the internal team getting the recognition, and that’s the important thing.


And how do you do that in your business?  How’s it incorporated?

Ian Cheshire

Well what we do is we've obviously got some series of internal awards which we run.  So we've got things that you’d expect like best store manager, best manager, best person literally, and we do that all over the group.  What we also try and do is when we do win external awards, we make sure people get coverage internally through the website and the sort of magazine.  So if somebody does something really great we want to make sure lots of people hear about it.



Are industry awards more about internal morale?


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