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Neal Ghandi on lessons to be learned from Germany's economy

Updated Thursday, 10th March 2011

"A country can learn to focus on what it's really good at"

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Neal Ghandi

Yeah, you know, I think Germany has made, it’s been incredibly successful because it’s focused on niche, and Germany companies, the Mittelstadt companies, have just focused on niche.  They’ve made a widget that sits within a machine tool that the whole world needs, and that’s what those manufacturers have done.  You know, they're specialists at a specific kind of fan or whatever it might be, they’ve just focused down on those things, and I think every company, every country actually can learn.

A country can learn to focus on what it’s really good at and support those industries, and that’s certainly what’s happened in Germany, and companies can learn from that as well, just be extremely niche and then expand across the world.  You know, if you're a German company and you make a very, very specific thing, the market in Germany’s only so big, you have to explore, you have to get out and expand, and so, you know, focusing on the niche and then expanding across the world is probably what we can learn from them.

What lessons can be learned from Gemany's economic success?





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