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Paul Moody on protecting business against risk

Updated Thursday, 17th March 2011
"It's not about recovering, it's about prevention in the first place"

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Paul Moody

We have a risk register, which is not unusual to Britvic.  I think our approach, we think, is probably quite different in that we build the risk register from the bottom upwards.  So rather than assuming that we know what the major risk will be, we consult with everyone through the organisation to help understand at a very base level where the risks may sit.  Clearly, we then build those up and aggregate them into what we would consider then the big corporate risks.  Against the big corporate risks we then build some mitigation strategies.


Some will be fairly simple, so disaster recovery for our IT systems is relatively straightforward, much more challenging will be a line or a factory goes up in smoke, that’s a much more difficult challenge to me, but we have alternative sources of supply, we have co-packing partners that we work with.  And of course very much central to our risk register is about quality, and the focus there is ensuring that we maintain a very high standard of quality, so not unexpectedly quality is at the centre of everything that we do, and that’s about not recovering or remedying, that’s about preventing in the first place.



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