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Does your personality influence your career?

Updated Thursday, 23rd November 2017
There's more than one reason why your personality might influence the job you do, explains Brendan Burchell.




What we’ve been looking at in the study is whether there are differences between personalities reliably between different occupations, and maybe between different employers as well.

That’s why the research we’ve been focusing on most recently is within distinct employers to see whether we get quite different effects in different places.

And we get, those effects are coming through. Certainly we’re getting the impression that people are drawn towards different occupations, they feel attracted to them dependent on their personality.

Whether they enjoy their job or not, again, can be dependent on the match between their personality and the job they’re doing.

And then, of course, to get into an occupation you need to be recruited, and employers are looking to recruit people with particular personality types for particular jobs.

There’s all sorts of ways in which those two overlap.


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