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What does the future hold for brands?

Updated Tuesday, 16th November 2010

As customers discuss brands online more and more, how you react will determine your future success, believes Danone's Bernard Hours.

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I think at the end, it’s always, there is always a need from consumers, and this need is something which is rational and emotional. So we discussed about the word 'emo-rational'. Emorational is for me something which we’d still define as the future of marketing because you need to understand in a rational way what the brand brings to the consumers. It can be, yoghurt or a new shampoo, it doesn’t matter, it’s something which is just bringing some benefit, and you have to understand the basic benefit of the product, and at the same time you have to be able to convey this benefit in a way which makes the consumer happy, proud and willing to identify.

And what is really changing now is that we are not speaking about the reason to believe any more; we are speaking about the reason to preach. We are speaking about the way people will speak about the brand. When they are on the social networks, they will speak about your brands. So they will not only be listening to a message where you will tell them, okay, my brand is doing that and that for you. Believe me, no, you are not in this situation any more; you are in a situation where two people will speak together about your brand. And they need to identify it’s your brand.

So that’s why rationality is still very important and you need to increase all the time the value that you are bringing in terms of rationale and effects, science, whatever depending on the segment you are in, but it’s also a question of being able to develop a copy, which is, and marketing execution, which makes people love or makes people proud of your brand. For instance, the rolling baby, the advertising of the young, was the most seen ad on YouTube, and not only ad by the way, video on YouTube, in 2009 because it is really something that people enjoyed. So I think that brands will be very emotional in the future and perhaps even more than in the past.

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