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The Jewels of Heuro

Updated Friday, 30 August 2019
Algorithms make the world go round. Can you master them to capture the fabled Jewels of Heuro and escape the Temple of Algoritmo alive?

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The challenge

Deep in the heart of the South American rainforest, in the lost Temple of Algoritmo, lie the fabled Jewels of Heuro. Protecting them are zombies who have guarded the secrets of the jewels through the centuries.

As a treasure hunter, your aim is to collect all jewels before the zombies reach you. Are you ready?

Congratulations to Víctor Paesa for finding the shortest route (so far…) in the 8-jewel chamber! Can you find a shorter one?

(NOTE: Some of the pop-up instruction screens contain more than one page. Make sure you don't miss anything important by checking the page numbers at the top of the screen!)

Images taken from the online game, The Jewels of Heuro Select the image to begin your adventure...


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