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Reading and child development: The Our Story app: Want to go further?

Updated Thursday, 19th May 2011
If you're feeling inspired, why not find out how The Open University can take your interest further?

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To learn more about child development and reading, consider these modules from The Open University

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Understanding children
How can you improve a child’s confidence? What do children need to develop their self-esteem? How can being consistent, open and honest help support their personal growth? This introductory course follows a family and asks you to consider the choices and rights of the children as they grow up.

Discovering psychology
How much influence does personality have on the actions we take and beliefs we hold? How does personality work together with the world around us to shape our behaviour? How do other people affect our behaviour? What goes on in the brain when we use language or attend to the world around us? This course will introduce you to the different ways in which psychologists investigate these and other questions, and will show you how psychological research addresses real-life issues.

Child development
This course shows how psychological enquiry can help us to improve our understanding of the development of children and young people. It’s organised in four parts: Psychological development and early childhood, Children’s personal and social development, Cognitive and language development in children and Developmental psychology in action. This course will be attractive to anyone with an interest in (and concern for) children’s development, including those who work with children and who want to learn more about contemporary theories and research in this area.

Children’s Literature
This course provides a broad introduction to the vibrant and growing field of children’s literature studies. You will study children’s literature in English ranging from its beginnings in eighteenth-century chapbooks and fairy tales, through seminal nineteenth-century novels, to contemporary examples of fiction illustrating current trends. The course also includes the study of picture books old and new, stage performance and film, storytelling and poetry. You will learn about the distinctiveness and purposes of children’s literature, its prestigious and popular modes and its different representations of children’s worlds.

Understanding children's development and learning
This is a postgraduate course, designed for teachers, psychologists and those involved with children who are interested in up-to-date information and theory. It explains how theoretical and methodological frameworks contribute to understanding developmental change and how psychological research can inform educational and clinical practice. Block 3 focuses on learning disabilities including dyslexia.

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Difficulties in Literacy Development
This postgraduate course will serve teachers and other professionals in mainstream and special schools, colleges and other educational settings. It aims to raise the standard of all students’ literacy levels and increase awareness of the barriers to learning some students face. You’ll explore and reflect on appropriate curriculum responses to the needs of children, and wider issues relevant to adults who experience difficulty in literacy development.


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