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Updated Wednesday, 21st January 2015
So you have decided that studying the Science pathway is for you - what next?

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Science lab chemicals

If you have decided that studying the Science Pathway is for you, you can now select your study pathway - blue, orange or green. (If you haven't, head back to Pathways to Success to view 'taster' sessions in various subject areas). 

Blue Pathway


This route is for those who have little experience of previous study. It consists of around 50 hours of study. 


The orange route is for those who have some experience of previous study at level 3, but perhaps a long time ago and/or in a very different study area. It consists of approximately 25 hours of study. 


The green pathway is for those who are experienced at study and are just looking for a fairly brief refresher before moving on to a higher education course. It consists of approximately 12 hours of study. 


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