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World Class Films - Ghana: Bringing all students together

Updated Wednesday 11th July 2012

The Multikids Academy in Ghana is bringing kids with special or additional needs into mainstream education - not always easy with no national provision to fall back on

 “…there is stigmatisation associated with those with needs. So parents are afraid to bring their kids to such an establishment”.

So claims a teacher in Ghana. This film looks at the ways in which the Multikids Academy (MKA) tackles this stigma by providing education for those with special or additional learning needs. 

This is being done in conjunction with a not-for-profit organisation and teachers originally from the UK. But it is not easy in a context of a lack of national systematic provision.

The aim is to show how this type of education can help those previously excluded from classrooms. They become valued as individuals and as learners and the success of the MKA can be then be used as a model for others. 


Join in the debate 

Use our comments area to discuss the issues covered in this film, asking yourself the following questions:

  • When watching the film, what questions arise for you about education in your own context?
  • To what extent is education merely a local activity? Or is it becoming globalised? 



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