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Walk the walk: encountering death and dying spaces in hospital

Updated Tuesday, 18 July 2023

For some staff in hospitals, dealing with serious injury and death may be a common occurrence. But it is often unchartered territory for family and friends when called in to visit someone they know. It can be a time of heightened emotions and confusion. 

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In this interactive, you will explore two people’s experiences of visiting a hospital in these circumstances. You will find out how the hospital environment could be adjusted to improve the experience. 

In the interactive there are two animations, both of which are accompanied by transcripts.

A scene from an animation showing a lady talking to a nurse

Click on the image above to start the interactive.


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This interactive was inspired by the Walking the Walk project. The project foregrounds carers’ needs when looking after someone during the end of life and bereavement using key questions about what matters to them and what helps them during that time as they provide a “fresh perspective” about a setting. The project has been used in acute and community hospitals, care homes, and general practice. Claire Henry MBE, Marie Cooper, and Roberta Lovick from Walking the Walk informed the creation of this interactive with academic input from Kerry Jones and Erica Borgstrom. 


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