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Introduction to sport, fitness and management: Track 1


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This series of tracks looks at Health and Fitness centres and how they are run as well as providing an insight into the training of future elite athletes in Britain. Material is taken from The Open University course E112 Introduction to sport, fitness and management.

By: The OpenLearn Team (The Open University)

  • Duration 54 minutes
  • Updated Tuesday 13th April 2010

Track 1: Introduction to sport, fitness and management

A short introduction to this album.

Tracks in this podcast:

Track Title Description
1 Introduction to sport, fitness and management A short introduction to this album. Play now Introduction to sport, fitness and management
2 Sport: Health and Safety A look at health and safety in the Gym and the precautions and checks that are taken. How the health, safety and welfare standards are met and how this is not restricted to people but apparatus as well in order to meet regulations. Play now Sport: Health and Safety
3 Sport: Health Screening A look at the initial consultation process that is in place at the Reebok gym, and how health is assessed prior to implementing a training program. Play now Sport: Health Screening
4 Sport: Fitness Testing A look at aerobic function of athletes, how this is assessed and what the test results mean. Play now Sport: Fitness Testing
5 Sport: Fitness requirements A look at how focus, motivation and ambition need to be combined with an intense training program in order to be an elite athlete, working on strength, speed and agility. Play now Sport: Fitness requirements
6 Sport: Training and nutrition A look at variety in a training program and the benefits of interval training and pliometrics to the athlete. It also shows the importance of a balanced an nutritious diet. Play now Sport: Training and nutrition
7 Sport: Youth football training A look at changes in training and how the workouts have been developed to mimic actions in the sport to avoid injury. How these techniques are implemented at a youth training level and the effect nutrition has on training. Play now Sport: Youth football training
8 Community leisure: centres and PR A look at a community led leisure centre and the focus on customer care. Play now Community leisure: centres and PR
9 Community leisure: Quality and staffing A look at the staff and the employee attributes that the Halo leisure group look for when recruiting. How employees gain the tools and skills that are necessary to provide a high standard of service. Play now Community leisure: Quality and staffing
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