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World Social Work Day

Updated Monday 14th March 2016

March 15th is World Social Work Day. Explore social work in more detail with our range of free resources including interactives and free courses.

world social work day poster Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: ISFW 15th March is World Social Work Day, a day that gives those in the profession (and students) an opportunity to express international solidarity and send consistent messages to governments, regional bodies and the community. In 2016 the theme is ‘Promoting the Dignity and Worth of Peoples’.

So, whether you're a student studying in the field or you're just interested in social work or health and social care, select from our fantastic range of free resources on the subject. You can:

You may also like to check out our Social Work webpage from the Faculty of Health and Social Care at The Open University where we have more details about our courses and a competition on social work.

How would you fare as a social worker?

Find out how much you know about children in care

Listen to these podcasts on social work

Explore social work with these free courses

Take it further with The Open University





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