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Behind The Reputation

Updated Wednesday 19th December 2018

In this interactive, you’ll uncover the real people behind the icons. Does the reality of their life match up with their reputation?

We come to know famous figures and historical icons through their reputations. But who are they really? What are they like behind their reputation? It’s time to find out...

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Icons of Vincent van Gogh, Queen Elizabeth 1 and Charles Dickens. Creative commons image Icon The Open University under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 license Click the image above to launch the interactive

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Creative commons image Icon By Cayusa via Flickr under Creative Commons license under Creative-Commons license
BA (Honours) Humanities free course icon


BA (Honours) Humanities

This degree in humanities offers a broad-based grounding in the study and enjoyment of the arts and humanities – covering a fascinating variety of cultures, periods and subjects – while developing your critical and analytical skills. As you explore diverse perspectives on human culture, you’ll encounter a range of absorbing issues encompassing understanding of the past, reading and studying the arts, and analysis of different and conflicting points of view. Through independent and self-directed work, you’ll develop and hone the skills of argument and analysis which are highly valued by employers. 

OU course
Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: Dreamstime
BA/BSc Open degree free course icon

Society, Politics & Law 

BA/BSc Open degree

Over 40 per cent of OU students who graduate do so with an Open degree. It’s a statistic we’re proud of – the BA/BSc Open is one of the most flexible undergraduate programmes in the UK, and exemplifies our distinctive and often life-changing approach to learning more than any other qualification. With this degree you have the freedom and opportunity to achieve a uniquely tailored qualification. You can study any subjects you like, in any combination, enabling you to:

OU course
Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: Firebrandphotography |
BA (Honours) History free course icon

History & The Arts 

BA (Honours) History

With this degree course you will develop and deepen your knowledge of different periods of history from antiquity to the twentieth century. Engaging with a range of exciting and challenging topics such as imperialism, politics, social relations, medicine, warfare and religion in different periods, you will learn the skills of the historian in studying the materials of the past. You will also examine some of the critical approaches taken by historians to their subject matter.  We offer a number of alternative routes through the BA (Hons) History with different combinations of modules, allowing you to align your studies with your own particular historical interests. Studying within a broad framework designed to meet high national standards for single-subject history degrees, you will develop a range of skills in knowledge management, oral and written communication, critical reasoning, research, and information and communications technologies, all of which are highly valued in the modern workplace.

OU course

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Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: The Open University
Titles that sell video icon

History & The Arts 

Titles that sell

See the changes George Eliot made as she wrote The Mill on the Floss.

5 mins
The moral equality of combatants free course icon Level 3 icon

History & The Arts 

The moral equality of combatants

This free course introduces and explores the idea of the moral equality of combatants and discusses the question of the basis of liability to killing in war. It invites students to understand and ------ the epistemological argument for the moral equality of combatants and other arguments for and against this idea.

Free course
16 hrs
Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: The Open University
360 Degrees of Separation video icon

History & The Arts 

360 Degrees of Separation

How does Surrealism relate to Freud? What does Freud have to do with the Prisoner's dilemma? Josie Long takes you on a whistle-stop tour and finds the connections between Surrealism, Psychoanalysis, Game Theory, Nuclear Fission and microbes that may have played a key role in the origins of life.

10 mins
Copyright free image Icon Copyright free: Public Domain
World-Changing Women: Murasaki Shikibu article icon

History & The Arts 

World-Changing Women: Murasaki Shikibu

Murasaki Shikibu worte the world's first novel, twice as long as War and Peace. Discover what is known about her life in this article...


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