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About The People's War

Updated Friday, 11th February 2005

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Add your WW2 stories to this growing online archive

WW2 People's War is a growing archive of stories and photographs contributed by those who lived and fought during World War Two. The creation of this archive is part of the BBC's commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the war's end. The archive already contains over 13,000 stories, and these reflect every aspect of life in wartime - military or Home Front. The stories are a unique record of a nation at war.

If you or your family have a wartime story or photograph to add to the site, why not come online and make a contribution? You will need to register to add your story, but this is quick and easy to do. If you do not have a computer, or would like some technical assistance adding your story, there are over 2,500 museums, libraries and learning centres across Britain where you can get help. Call 08000 150950 to find out your nearest centre. Share your memories online now

You will also find help and advice on how to research your family's wartime history, and classroom activities and lesson plans for using People's War in schools.





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