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Download your free 'Things We Forgot To Remember' leaflet

Updated Monday, 27th November 2006

Compare the past we recall, with the past as it was in our free leaflet.

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Victorian Riots Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: Production team

We've run out of leaflets from series one, but if you want to view of download the leaflet you can do so here.

The leaflet shows some reproduced pages from a newspaper from the 1920s. We've picked out some of the stories to give a set of examples about the way that the priorities of the time aren't always the ones that will be remembered years later.

You can view or print the electronic versions of the leaflet. It's saved as a PDF file: you'll need the free acrobat reader to open it. To download, right-click on the link, and click on "Save Target As" from the menu that appears. Then choose where you'd like the file to be saved.

Download free leaflet (2.5MB)






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