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Updated Thursday, 12th February 2015
This article is part of a collection produced for Valentine’s Day. Who would you select for your Valentine from these iconic figures from history? 

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Profile of Florence Nightingale Florence Nightingale

Likes : Statistics, literature, social reform

Dislikes: Uncleanliness, inaction, photographs

Nicknames: The Lady of the Lamp

Age: 194

Personality traits: Extremely career-driven, motivated

A bit about me:

After a call from God I have decided to devote my life to serving others, and I have chosen to veer away from the expected, and somewhat hindering, role of becoming a mother and wife. I have pursued my true calling of nursing, which has led to the ending of a nine year courtship with a previous suitor - I felt he may slow the progression of my career in nursing and in doing so, take me off the path of my true calling.

My skills have taken me abroad, notably to Crimea, where I witnessed incredibly unsanitary conditions. This urged me to write to The Times, demanding the government provide a solution to these poor conditions. Thankfully my plea did not fall on deaf ears, and Renkioi Hospital was built. Thanks to these cleaner hospitals, and my trained nurses, we significantly increased survival rates. I have heard myself referred to as ‘the founder of modern medicine’, an achievement to truly be proud of.  I was also the first woman to ever be awarded the Order of Merit by King Edward VII.

I have a passion for statistics and became a pioneer in the visual presentation of statistical information. I used my skills and knowledge to present reports on the Crimean War to Members of Parliament and in 1859 I was elected the first female member of the Royal Statistical Society.

I tend to socialise mostly with men of power – they are more capable beings, and ‘I have never found one woman who has altered her life by one iota for me or my opinions.’ The Life of Florence Nightingale by E.T Cook.

I am looking for:

I am looking for someone who can grasp that my devotion is to a bigger cause, who understands that cleanliness is next to godliness and is willing to be patient about my constant travel. My calling will always come first and therefore I am not looking for children or marriage, not now nor ever. In fact, I am looking for someone who requires very little commitment from my part altogether. 

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This article is part of a collection produced for Valentine’s Day. Who would you select for your Valentine from these iconic figures? See the collection and cast your vote by going to Past-Time Lover.

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