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From the exam room to the trenches: How the OU helped Kevin Doyle prepare for The Crimson Field

Updated Wednesday, 9th April 2014

Kevin Doyle, OU alum, explains how his studies helped prepare him for his role in war drama The Crimson Field.

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An OU history degree has proved "terribly useful" when preparing for his role in the peak-time BBC World War One drama The Crimson Field, says actor and OU alumnus Kevin Doyle.

Kevin, who plays wartime field hospital commander Lieutenant-Colonel Roland Brett (pictured) in the new series, gives the OU a glowing endorsement in an interview on the BBC website.

Apart from providing the historical context for his role, his study gave him something useful to do while hanging around on set waiting to be called, he says.

"I’d recommend it to absolutely anybody. It’s a wonderful way of learning."

The Crimson Field, a six-part series written and produced by Sarah Phelps, aims to present one of World War One's untold stories – the work of doctors, nurses and female volunteers treating men wounded in the trenches in tented field hospitals behind the Front Line.





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