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Islam in the West: Track 1

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This course is designed to stimulate informed debate about the role of Islam in western societies. Issues explored include the diversity of western Muslim populations and leaders; the role of the media; Muslim education and social and political engagement; and the politics of multiculturalism. Controversial Muslim intellectual, Tariq Ramadan provides a challenging insider’s perspective on the issues discussed, plus other interviews with authors, critics and Muslim community leaders. The course will be of particular relevance to teachers, social workers, police and health professionals. This material is taken from The Open University Course AD252 Islam in the West: the Politics of Co-existence.

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Track 1: Islam in the West

A short introduction to this album.

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Tracks in this podcast:

Track   Title Description
1 Islam in the West    A short introduction to this album. Play now Islam in the West
2 Relating to wider society through inter-faith relations    A look at the spiritual aspects of Sufism and the role of Islam in society. Play now Relating to wider society through inter-faith relations
3 Puritanical Influences    A discussion on why puritanical and anti western readings of Islam are proving so influential in the Muslim community Play now Puritanical Influences
4 Freedom of speech    A research scientist talks about her experiences after 9/11. Play now Freedom of speech
5 Criticism of faith    Why Muslims reacted to the satanic verses in the manner that they did. Play now Criticism of faith
6 Dual loyalty of Muslims    Tariq Ramadan on the issue of dual loyalty of Muslims, to the Muslim Imam and to the non-Muslim state. Play now Dual loyalty of Muslims




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