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David Hume: 18th Century Philosopher: Track 1

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2011 is the 300th anniversary of the birth of one of the greatest figures in Western Philosophy – David Hume. As well as an economist and historian, Hume was specifically known for his scepticism and empiricism, and was also an important figure in the Scottish Enlightenment period in the 18th century. In this audio collection, The Open University’s Nigel Warburton is joined by A.C. Grayling and other philosophers to discuss Hume’s key theories around the self, induction and his argument against miracles. A good entry point into philosophy and the work of David Hume.

This material forms part of The Open University course A222 Exploring philosophy.

By: The OpenLearn team (The Open University,)

  • Duration 45 mins
  • Updated Friday 18th February 2011
  • Posted under Philosophy
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Track 1: Hume: An introduction

Nigel Warburton talks about David Hume.

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Tracks in this podcast:

Track   Title Description
1 Hume: An introduction    Nigel Warburton talks about David Hume. Play now Hume: An introduction
2 Hume's theory of the self    Nigel Warburton talks to Simon Blackburn about David Hume's theory of the self. Play now Hume's theory of the self
3 Hume's discussion of the argument from design    Timothy Chappell and Peter Kail discuss Hume on design. Play now Hume's discussion of the argument from design
4 Hume's argument against miracles    Peter Kail and Timothy Chappell discuss Hume's argument against miracles. Play now Hume's argument against miracles
5 Hume's theory of induction    A conversation between Cristina Chimisso and Peter Kail, about Hume's theory of induction. Play now Hume's theory of induction




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