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Why worldviews?

Updated Wednesday, 20 March 2024

What is meant by ‘worldviews’? This animation imagines a public demonstration and the differing reasons people may have for attending.

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If you are an educator or working in the public sector, chances are sooner or later you will come across ‘worldviews’. The term has increasing currency as a means of encompassing the range and complexity (and often very personal nature) of ways of thinking about and being in the world.

One of the themes at the heart of The Open University’s Religion, Belief and Worldviews Hub is the growing currency of the term ‘Worldviews’. Worldviews includes a whole spectrum of religious and non-religious ideologies and convictions, and can include concepts like spirituality and Philosophy.

In this video we consider what is meant by ‘worldviews’ by imagining a public demonstration – and the complex reasons people might have for attending.




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