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Beginners' Chinese

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Beginners' Chinese

3 Describing your activities

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Activity 9 Daily activities

In the quiz below link each noun with the correct verb to make up phrases for daily activities.

Click here to open the quiz.


Below you’ll find a table with all the nouns and verbs used in the quiz for reference.

Building phrases for daily activities

Nouns Verbs
(a) 电影 diànyǐng movie(s) = 看 kàn
(b) 小说 xiǎoshuō novel(s) = 看 kàn
(c) 作业 zuòyè homework = 做 zuò
(d) 汉字 hàn zì Chinese character(s) = 学 xué 写 xiě
(e) 电视 diànshì TV = 看 kàn
(f) wǎng internet = 上 shàng
(g) 中文 zhōngwén Chinese language = 学 xué
(h) fàn food = 做 zuò

Activity 10 Evening activities

Below is a timetable of evening activities. Give a short description of three of your evenings in complete sentences. Say your description aloud and then click the ‘Reveal answer’ button to play the audio clip to hear a sample answer and see the transcripts.

星期一/星期二晚上 星期三晚上 星期四晚上
xīngqī yī/ xīngqī’èr wǎnshang xīngqīsān wǎnshang xīngqīsì wǎnshang
学中文 看电视 写汉字
xué zhōngwén kàn diànshì xiě hàn zì
星期五晚上 星期六晚上 星期天晚上
xīngqīwǔ wǎnshang xīngqīliù wǎnshang xīngqītiān wǎnshang
上网做作业 帮助小学生学英文 看电影
shàng wǎng zuò zuòyè bāngzhù xiăo xuéshēng xué yīngwén kàn diànyǐng

*Vocabulary note: 帮助 bāngzhù to help


Some sample answers are provided in the audio track below.

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Transcript: Evening activities

1 我星期一和星期二晚上学中文 我星期三晚上看电视 我星期四晚上写汉字

Wǒ xīngqīyī hé xīngqī’èr wǎnshang xué zhōngwén. Wǒ xīngqīsān wǎnshang kàn diànshì Wǒ xīngqīsì wǎnshang xiě hàn zì. .

2 我星期五晚上上网做作业。我星期六晚上帮助小学生学英文。我星期天晚上看电影

Wǒ xīngqīwǔ wǎnshang shàng wǎng zuò zuòyè. Wǒ xīngqīliù wǎnshang bāngzhù xiăo xuéshēng xué yīng wén. Wǒ xīngqītiān wǎnshang kàn diànyǐng.

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Evening activities
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