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Beginners' Chinese

5 Food and drinks

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Activity 12 Food and drinks

In the quiz linked below, listen to how the various food and drink items are pronounced, and number them in the order you hear them.

Click here to open the quiz.


Below you’ll find a table with all the terms used in the quiz for reference.

Food and drinks

Characters Pinyin English
白酒 bái jiǔ Chinese white wine (lit. white alcoholic drink)
红酒 hóng jiǔ Chinese red wine (lit. red alcoholic drink)
红葡萄酒 hóng pútaojiǔ red wine
白葡萄酒 bái pútaojiǔ white wine
橘子汁 júzi zhī orange juice
苹果汁 píngguǒ zhī apple juice
红茶 hóng chá black tea (lit. red tea)
绿茶 lǜ chá green tea
红烧肉 hóng shāo ròu braised meat in soy sauce (lit. red braised meat)
白菜 bái cài Chinese cabbage (lit. white leaves)
青菜 qīng cài green vegetable(s)

Activity 13 Placing orders

Read the scenarios below and say your orders out loud using the vocabulary provided. Check your pronunciation by listening to the audio clip linked below.


yào would like to
píng bottle
啤酒 píjiǔ beer
蛋炒饭 dànchǎofàn egg-fried rice
一个 yī gè one portion (of)
炒青菜 chǎoqīngcài. stir-fried green vegetables
diǎn to order
饺子 jiǎozi dumplings
一盘 yī pán one plate (of)
牛肉炒面 niúròu chǎomiàn beef fried noodles
zhī [measure word used after a number for small animals]
烤鸭 kǎoyā. roast duck
  1. You are in a shop. You tell the shop assistant that you want three bottles of Beijing beer.
  2. You are in a small canteen. Ask for one portion of egg-fried rice and one portion of stir-fried green vegetables.
  3. You are in a restaurant with some friends. Order ten dumplings, one plate of fried noodles and one roast duck.
Figure 6 Practice ordering food in Chinese
Download this audio clip.Audio player: Ordering food
Ordering food
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Here is the transcript for the audio track above. You can use it for reference purposes.

  1. 我要三瓶北京啤酒

    Wǒ yào sānpíng Běijīng píjiǔ.

  2. 我点一个蛋炒饭,一个炒青菜

    Wǒ diǎn yīgè dànchǎofàn , yīgè chǎoqīngcài.

  3. 我们点十个饺子, 一盘牛肉炒面,一只烤鸭

    Wǒmen diǎn shíge jiǎozi , yīpán niúròu chǎomiàn , yīzhī kǎoyā.


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