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Learn Chinese: Words related to education and learning

Updated Thursday, 16th July 2015

Do you want to learn the pronunciation and characters of Mandarin Chinese words to do with education and learning? Try this activity. 

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English Chinese characters Chinese pinyin
Basic Education 基础教育

jīchŭ jiàoyu

Higher Education 高等教育

gāoděng jiàoyu

Adult Education 成人教育

chéngrén jiàoyu

Pre-school education 学前教育

xuéqián jiàoyu

Primary school 小学

xiǎo xué

Secondary/middle school 中学

zhōng xué

Junior secondary/middle school 初中

chū zhōng

Senior secondary/middle school 高中

gāo zhōng

Vocational secondary/middle school 职业高中

zhíyè gāo zhōng

University 大学


Undergraduate degree (4 years) 本科(学历)

běnkē (xuélì)

College 专科学院

zhuānkē xuéyuàn

Certificate (3 years) 大专(证书)

dà zhuān (zhèngshū)

Teacher (both a form or reference and used to address a teacher) 老师


National Higher Education Entrance Exam 高考

Gāo Kăo

Summer vacation 暑假


Winter vacation 寒假


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