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Rundblick: beginners' German second edition: Track 1

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How do you discuss the weather or make a hotel reservation in German?
This second edition of Rundblick: beginners' German contains a variety of short conversations covering topics as varied as healthy eating and recommending restaurants. The following audio and video collection was devised for those beginning to learn German and touches upon many everyday situations and scenarios that will be interesting to learn while feeling familiar.

By: The OpenLearn team (The Open University,)

  • Duration 45 mins
  • Updated Wednesday 6th November 2013
  • Posted under German
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Track 1: Where do you come from?

7 very short interviews: where do you come from?

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Tracks in this podcast:

Track   Title Description
1 Where do you come from?    7 very short interviews: where do you come from? Play now Where do you come from?
2 Introductions    People introducing themselves Play now Introductions
3 Reservation    Making a reservation in a hotel Play now Reservation
4 Introducing others and oneself    Introducing others and oneself Play now Introducing others and oneself
5 Was essen Sie und was trinken Sie?    What you eat and what you drink Play now Was essen Sie und was trinken Sie?
6 Restaurants in Graz    Recommended restaurants in Graz Play now Restaurants in Graz
7 Die Arbeitswoche    Work week, and weekdays Play now Die Arbeitswoche
8 What do you do?    People and their occupations Play now What do you do?
9 A day in Berlin    3 Interviews with tourists explaining their plans in Berlin Play now A day in Berlin
10 The city of Graz    6 people saying what they like about Graz Play now The city of Graz
11 Die Fuggerei in Augsburg    The Fuggerei is the world's oldest social housing complex Play now Die Fuggerei in Augsburg
12 Das Vinzidorf    The VinziDorf is a church-ran programme that takes in the homeless Play now Das Vinzidorf
13 Stress and Health    Advice on how to handle stress and manage health Play now Stress and Health
14 Gesundes Essen    healthy eating Play now Gesundes Essen
15 Das Wetter    Weather forecast Play now Das Wetter
16 Gestüt Piber    The Gestüt Piber is a stud farm where famous white horses are bred Play now Gestüt Piber
17 What’s your marital status?    People’s marital and family status Play now What’s your marital status?
18 Singing in a choir    People talking about singing in a choir Play now Singing in a choir
19 Lost luggage    Lost luggage at an airport Play now Lost luggage
20 Health insurance    Health insurance systems in Switzerland Play now Health insurance
21 Plans for Easter    Interviews with 4 people about their plans for Easter Play now Plans for Easter
22 The New Year    7 people describe their plans for New Year Play now The New Year




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