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Artificial intelligence

...intelligence. The term 'Artificial Intelligence' was first coined in 1956 by an influential figure in the field, John McCarthy. He organised a two month workshop at Dartmouth college bringing together researchers interested in neural networks and the study of intelligence. Although this workshop did not lead to any new innovations, it did bring together the founders in AI...
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Creativity and artificial intelligence

...artificial intelligence capable of being creative? This animation and associated article looks at the meaning of 'creativity' and whether machines can carry out creative tasks...Transcript One of great debates about artificial evidence at present is whether or not it’s capable of being ‘creative’. Creativity is seen as one of the most important of all human...
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Assessing the Future of Artificial Intelligence

...intelligence playing traditional board game Go.] Artificial intelligence playing GO With the use of ever more artificial intelligence (AI) techniques in the computer mediated world around us, from robot vacuum cleaners to autonomous cars, intelligent voice bots to humanoid receptionists, how, if at all, should governments and lawmakers respond - and......
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Artificial intelligence - chatting with bots

...questions and test your knowledge of artificial intelligence using our interactive quiz. [Artificial intelligence - chatting with bots] Click on the banner above to launch our interactive quiz Instructions - For the best results, use a modern web browser . Upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer or try a free alternative like Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari....
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60 Second Adventures in Artificial Intelligence

...Artificial Intelligence (AI) work? How is AI used in science? All is explained these short animations narrated by David Mitchell. ...Find out about The Open University's Open degree. The Quest For AI (And Why We’re Not There Yet) The concept of thinking machines dates back to antiquity. Renaissance craftsmen built complex automatons to try to simulate intelligent...
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Will artificial intelligence put us out of work?

Should companies be cautious when embracing new technologies for fear of displacing their employees? ...Evan Davies, presenter of Dragon's Den, Newsnight and The Bottom Line, examines the impact new technology might have on business in the future, and what it could mean for us. Transcript Evan Davies presents business programme, The Bottom Line Listen via the BBC...
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From boom to bust: the AI winter

...artificial intelligence machine, being adjusted by Charles Wightman]The Mark 1 Perceptron, being adjusted by Charles Wightman, a project engineer. As you have probably guessed, the perceptron did not live up to these dazzling expectations. The 1969 book ‘Perceptrons’ by Marvin Minsky and Seymour Papert demonstrated their weaknesses and is often credited with bringing...
Alan Turing: Life and legacy
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Alan Turing: Life and legacy

...artificial intelligence and finally examines what his legacy should be... Alan Turing: Reflections on his personal life Professor Timothy Chappell touches upon key moments in Alan Turing's life. Alan Turing: The code breaker Professor Timothy Chappell explains how the World War 2 brought an opportunity perfectly suited to Turing's abilities. Alan Turing: The theory of...