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Financial strategy and private finance initiative: Track 1

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Does a hospital have to be owned and managed by the same sector that provides its services? In the early 1990s, the Private Finance Initiative was the Treasury's brainwave to provide the public sector with better value for money. Designed to fund public infrastructure such as hospitals, roads and accommodation through private money from consortiums, these contentious schemes indicated a radical cultural shift towards outsourcing. The 13 video tracks in this album introduce the complexities involved in project financing from both public and private perspectives and feature case studies on Calderdale hospital in Halifax and Altcourse Prison in Fazakerly. The audio track examines the PFI and asks whether it provides a good deal for the public or if it's another profit-making venture for the private sector. This material forms part of The Open University course B821 Financial strategy.

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  • Duration 1 hour 15 mins
  • Updated Monday 29th June 2009
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Track 1: Financial Strategy

An introduction to this album.

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Tracks in this podcast:

Track   Title Description
1 Financial Strategy    An introduction to this album. Play now Financial Strategy
2 PFI - an introduction    Culture shift: using private finance to fund public projects. Play now PFI - an introduction
3 Why PFI?    Comparing the Private Finance Initiative with financing through the public sector. Play now Why PFI?
4 The public sector    Choosing the PFI route means Calderdale NHS Trust can finally have a new hospital. Play now The public sector
5 Proving a PFI will work    Calderdale's decision-making process for choosing PFI Play now Proving a PFI will work
6 Risk and money    A look at how the monetary risks inherent in a PFI project are calculated and managed. Play now Risk and money
7 Contract negotiation    Dawn Stephenson and Haydn ---- discuss their experiences of securing a PFI deal for Calderdale hospital. Play now Contract negotiation
8 Calderdale hospital    From securing the funding to completing the construction of PFI-funded Calderdale Hospital. Play now Calderdale hospital
9 Calderdale: preparing the bid    Members of the Calderdale NHS trust and the private consortium discuss the affordability of the new hospital. Play now Calderdale: preparing the bid
10 Calderdale: merging trusts    How the merging of Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS trusts affected the PFI scheme for Calderdale hospital. Play now Calderdale: merging trusts
11 The cost of PFI    A look at the controversy in refinancing PFI projects. Play now The cost of PFI
12 Refinancing: altcourse prison    The gains to be made from re-organising financing. Play now Refinancing: altcourse prison
13 The voluntary code    The introduction of the voluntary code, brought in by the National Audit Office . Play now The voluntary code
14 Do PFI's work?    What is important for a PFI to succeed? Play now Do PFI's work?
15 Are PFI's a good deal?    Malcolm Prowle explores PFI schemes for projects in the UK and abroad. Play now Are PFI's a good deal?




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