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Turning the tables on Evan Davis

Updated Saturday, 11th July 2009

The Open University Business School's Janette Rutterford asks Evan Davis what he's learned about managers from those he's met while making The Bottom Line.

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Evan and Janette in conversation
Evan and Janette in conversation.

This week, in a change to our Bottom Line format, we've something a bit special for you: Janette Rutterford from The Open University Business School turns the tables and puts Evan into the interviewee's chair.

You can watch two interviews on the Bottom Line website.

In the first, the managerial make-up, Evan shares his experiences from talking to numerous CEOs during his time on the programme. Are there differences between female and male management styles? Do Americans manage differently to the British? And are those large executive paycheques ever really justifiable?

Watch the managerial make-up

In part two, a different recession, Janette and Evan explore what makes the current world recession so unlike anything we've experienced before. And is there a way out?

Watch a different recession.





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