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Ellen McCallie's Carriacou diary: Arrival

Updated Monday, 28th January 2008

Ellen McCallie's diary of a castaway, from the BBC/OU series Rough Science 2.

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The lime factory was striking inside and out. I could almost feel the sweat of previous workers - a tough life’s work there. The red-colored white-washed walls and rusted machine parts create an awesome feel to the place. Outside, the ocean on one side, pasture and secondary forest on the other three sides plus forested mountains/hills further back.

I think everyone was quite taken with our stash of supplies in the trunks. Nice stuff. Very useful. Perhaps I am a bit naïve but for my contribution I expect to really need a machete, small cups, a fire, a way to crush plants, a kettle, some tubing, spoons and a lot of ideas. I’m glad teamwork is the expectation.

I also must admit that Mike L really wound me up today - twice, in fact! I can’t believe that I fell for it. First, the bats, then the donkeys. His manner just took me completely by surprise. It was as if we got to the lime factory and he became ornery and combative. And I fell for it. I want to help make this a team effort - good people and good challenges. I must keep this in mind, especially if Mike L decides to pull a fast one again!

I love science and the process of figuring things out. I can't wait to dig into the challenges. This is the biggest thrill! I’m like a kid in a candy store. How many places does one find an interdisciplinary group of folks who are just dying to collaborate and make their brains (and muscles) work the best they can? This is a privilege.

I am a bit concerned with the fact that the challenges start before I have a chance to really look around at the plants. We had so much to do indoors that I haven’t had a chance to investigate "the other laboratory". I need to just wander around.





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