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People Like Me: Lucy

Updated Tuesday, 9th August 2005

Who studies science? We talk to students and graduates - and meet Lucy

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Bristol graduate Lucy Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: Lucy Mitchell

Name: Lucy Mitchell
Studying: B.Sc. (Hons) Biology (Just graduated!)

Ultimate Ambition: To have an office in the sky!

Lucy love flying aeroplanes! copyright © Robert Hockley

Life at University
During my degree I have enjoyed studying parasites. I also really enjoyed doing my final year library project on Neo-natal Respiratory Distress Syndrome. You do have to do more background reading than you do at school, and its up to you how far you want to research into a subject. It has been challenging, but also enjoyable.


Second year fieldcourse in Portugal copyright © Lucy Mitchell
Studying plant biodiversity on a second year fieldcourse in Portugal

I did envisage university as having more lectures. I thought there would be lots of firing difficult information at you. That hasn’t been the case, there is lots of practical work too. The first year is quite wide ranging and it gave a good overview of everything. I also did a lot if activities outside biology at university and that that has taught me lots about managing my time so I can make the most of what is available to me.

Lucy Climbing in Spain copyright © Lucy Mitchell
Climbing in Spain

How I got here
Biology and the natural world was something that I enjoyed at school. It was one of my A-levels and it was something that fascinated me, so I decided to take it on a bit further. I wanted to know more and extend the knowledge that I got from A-levels.

I am going into the airforce, they sponsored me though my A-levels and degree. I love flying and would like to be a pilot. The content of my degree is not directly applicable to what I want to do but other skills, such as time management, organising what you do and dealing with deadlines, are applicable to everything.

Make sure you study something that you really enjoy, and fully research what your course is like and look at the city your university is in. The opportunity to speak to students on the course is really important because they have first hand experience of what it is like.





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