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Paul Tucker On Using Systems Thinking In Practice

Updated Wednesday, 9 February 2022
Paul Tucker speaks with Prof. Simon Bell about what systems thinking in regards to sustainability.

Transcript (PDF document53.1 KB)

About Paul

Paul is Sustainability Manager at Northampton Partnership Homes. Paul gained his OU degree course in Environmental Management and Technology, qualifiying with first class honours in 2019. He started postgraduate study towards a Masters in Systems Thinking in Practice in 2020 and completed the first module, Managing change with STiP (TB872) and enrolled in a second module, T891, Making Environmental Decisions, which started in November 2021.

Paul describes himself as “a student of STiP, learning to apply STIP in my professional context working in sustainability. I have been learning by doing systems practice for the past 5 years or so, using diagramming to better understand and communicate complex situations. I'm now a postgraduate student, continuing to learn about systems techniques and lineages, aiming to improve my systemic perception of the world as I see it”.


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