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Conducting climate science

Updated Wednesday, 19th February 2014
This learning journey looks at how climate science is conducted.

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This learning journey looks at how climate science is conducted.

It draws on Creative Climate project diaries made by Open University science researchers, as well as news articles and web resources.

Together these demonstrate the different research practices required in order to understand the processes underlying climate change, and to appreciate what we can anticipate in the future.

Finally, it considers the policies and action of the UK Government in tackling climate change, and what you, your household and local council can do.

Three specially commissioned diarists enable us ‘to ask the person who knows’ complemented by policy documents. The learning journey gives you a taste of the dynamic learning process around climate science.

Learning outcomes

After studying this learning journey you will:

  • Understand how climate science research is a dynamic and ambitious process
  • Gain insights into how science data is disseminated
  • Appreciate what a model is and the utility of a model
  • Perceive how climate science informs policy

The Learning Journey will take approximately 6 hours to work through. It's broken into short sections like this, so there are lots of natural stopping points if you want to pause and come back to it later.

This Learning Journey is part of the Creative Climate project on OpenLearn. Begin the journey by visiting the next page: Reporting climate forecasts


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