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Breathing Places: Introduction

Updated Thursday, 4th May 2006

Get involved, as we look for the signs of nature adapting to Autumn around the country.

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Over the next three years, The Open University will be taking part in Breathing Places, a nationwide campaign aimed at generating interest in the natural world – and we want you to join us.

We'll be providing you with information about how you can make a difference to that world. You can follow our guides – the first one is on bumblebees – and track the progress of individual projects.

You can follow our tips to monitor progress for yourself and discover how to contribute to important national surveys. This season, on the Autumnwatch site, you can find instructions on how to get involved.

There's more: Join our snail survey, now in its third year. And if you have things that you would like to discuss, or questions you want to ask, please use the comment box below.





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