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Our man in the Arctic

Updated Sunday, 12th October 2008

Follow OU environment lecturer Joe Smith as he voyages to the Arctic.

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OU Lecturer and author Joe Smith, a regular on this blog, is off to the Arctic on the Cape Farewell Disko Bay expedition. He’ll be joining a surprising team of musicians, artists, film-makers, scientists and comedians (including KT Tunstall, Jude Kelly and Marcus Brigstocke). They’ll be witnessing climate change first-hand, and using their creative talents to respond.

According to Cape Farwell,

The climate challenge is a cultural one, it is the way we have evolved our lives and values that is the cause of climate change. Cape Farewell asks our best creative minds to respond to and inspire a sustainable cultural vision to this potentially devastating climate reality.

Joe will be blogging the voyage for us, telling us about life in the changing Arctic and the responses of some of our finest creative minds. 

You can learn more about the voyage, and read blogs from the rest of the Disko Bay team, at the Cape Farewell website.





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