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The Life Story of Your T-shirt: Submit Your T-shirt Story

Updated Thursday, 1 October 2015
What's the story of your favourite T-shirt? Where did it come from? Why did you buy it? Did you buy it, or was it a present? Share your stories here.

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The Life Story of Your T-shirt

The story of a t-shirt is not just about the production, care and disposal of. Our t-shirts can have their own stories. Ones that we have a sentimental attachment to because they were bought as a present or as a reminder of an event in our lives, or perhaps ones that are just old favourites because we like the colour or style of them. Here we would like you to share your stories of your t-shirts, letting us see them by posting a photograph and telling us its story and why it is special to you. If you have any issues with this, try visiting the blog page directly.

Submission help

  • Click 'Share your story'
  • Click 'Choose a photo' and pick the photo you want to use for your t-shirt
  • Click the 'Caption' box and write up your story, try not to go past a couple of paragraphs unless you absolutely have to!
  • Tick the tickboxes at the bottom to tag your post and agree to the terms of submission (which can be viewed by clicking the link in the text)
  • Press submit.

Please note that your submission will have to be approved by a moderator before it is posted, so there may be a delay in your story appearing.

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