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Carole Ann Scott's OpenLearn Profile

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Profile: Carole Ann Scott

Carole Ann Scott


I have graduated in the covid 19 2020 year and achieved a 2.1 in an Open degree. I am a pensioner and Grandmother, living in Cornwall with my Scotty, Bramble. My husband was a Scott and we lived in the beautiful city of Edinburgh when we were first married, where my daughter and son were born. We moved to cornwall after 10 years and went into retail. I was originally from the west country.

I am interested in the environment and local events and national events, especially at this worrying time.

Having finnished my degree I hope to do a few of the open learn courses as I am unable to do a masters.

I am an older learner so many of the new subjects are interesting to me. I learnt about Botany and zoology at school but things change over the years and it will be interesting to see how much I have missed overthe years.

I feel it is important to keep up to date. The subjects I have studied in my Open degree have been mostly about the social sciences and Psychology. I didn't realise before I started what a vast range of subjects sociology covers, it has been so interesting.

I look forward to taking up studying after a short break.