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Blue Planet II - One Ocean: The videos

Updated Monday, 30th October 2017
Get a taste of episode one, and go behind the scenes, of our lush love letter to the deep blue.

First shown on BBC One on October 29th, 2017, One Ocean was the first episode of the OU/BBC co-production Blue Planet II. Here's a taste of the episode, and some of the work that went into producing it...

The tusk fish and the tool

How do you get into a delicious clam when you have no hands? The tusk fish has a way...

And here's cameraperson Alex Vail talking about capturing that behaviour:

And y'know, they call them killer whales

Orcas use their skills to harvest herring:

Turning on the terns

Fish-eating birds isn't news. But the giant trevallies making a lunch from terns? That's more unexpected:

Eye on the walrus

How do you capture footage of walrus going about their daily business?


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