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Magnetic Mayhem: Quiz

Updated Thursday, 8th September 2005

Test your knowledge on magnetic mayhem

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1. What causes the earth’s magnetic field?


2. Which of the following can be magnetised?


3. Which of the following is caused by the earth’s magnetic field?


4. Which of the following birds use the earth’s magnetic field to help them migrate?


5. Michael Faraday is famous for discovering the link between magnetism and which other phenomenon?


6. What gift do you have if you have "animal magnetism"?


7. If you rearranged a compass so that the needle rotated around a horizontal axis rather than a vertical one, which way would the needle point?


8. Which of the following does NOT depend on the properties of magnetism?


9. If you had a single bar magnet with north and south poles, then broke it in half, what would the result be?


10. Approximately how long is it since the earth’s north and south poles last swapped ends - magnetically speaking?


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