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Updated Tuesday, 9th August 2005
Who studies science? We talk to students and graduates - and meet Nick

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Name: Nick
Studying: M.Sci Geology (Level 3)

Ultimate Ambition: Work on the top of a Volcano.

Life at University
The course is good because it is so broad and covers many topic areas – helps you to make an educated choice about what you want to specialise in later. I like igneous petrology and volcanology especially. I think of Bristol as a little London – very cosmopolitan. I am a member of many local clubs – badminton, squash photography, and I am the Secretary for the undergraduate geology society. We organise social events in the department, this is a good way to get to know people on the course and to start off a night out. The field trips are also good for getting to know people. Giving presentations is an integral part of the course, and although I am not keen on this, it does make you more confident at public speaking. All topics are challenging, but you have to enjoy it. I want to do a Ph.D but will take a year out after this 4-year course. The class is small so it is a very friendly and social group

How I got here
At the age of 15 I realised geology was what I wanted to do. I went to amateur meetings of the North London Geology Society and spoke to some geologists who suggested I go to University to study volcanoes. I did work experience at the British Geological Survey, I was just sorting maps but got a good understanding of geology. I did ‘A’ levels in geography, sociology, computing and design to keep my options open. I was allowed to do this course without having done science subjects. The first year was a good intro and easy to understand, and I did chemistry as a subsidiary course. sp>

I recommend the course, but do a science ‘A’ level if you can, but even without one it is not the end of the world. The chemistry and maths introductory courses they offer are really good. The course isn’t right for you if you are not enjoying it.


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