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People Like Me: Nizar

Updated Tuesday, 9th August 2005

Who studies science? We talk to students and graduates - and meet Nizar

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The head of T-Rex skeleton

Name: Nizar
Studying: B.Sc. (Hons) Geology and Biology (Level 2)

Ultimate Ambition: To dive with sharks and head a vertebrate palaeontology research group, My ultimate job would be a Vertebrate palaeontologist in a museum.

Life at University
I am doing what I consider to be the best degree in Europe! Although parts of every degree may seem dull (I personally dislike volcanic rocks!), they get more interesting with time. I found it easy to adjust to university life. After my degree I wish to do a PHD immediately.

My enthusiasm makes me very proactive - I have already given a department presentation, making me the first undergraduate to give a talk. I volunteer as a preparator for the Bristol Dinosaur Project, I have been to various conferences and digs, and I am planning a trip to dig dinosaurs in Morocco. I have written articles for magazines and am the author of the University of Bristol’s dinosaur website: Dinobase. I have gained valuable experience working with other experts as part of a team and have met many people and made friends with similar interests.

How I got here
I grew up in Berlin, Germany, and went to France to do my 'A'-levels. My Mother is German but my Father is Moroccan. I speak fluent English and learned Spanish too, so I speak 5 languages. I began to get interested in palaeontology very early, I remember drawing a T. rex with a bus for scale at the age of 5. In Germany everybody has to do a year of Social service so I worked as a hospital receptionist, I am happy for the experience. At the same time I volunteered as a helper in the Natural History Museum, Berlin.

My advice is: be self confident. The best way to achieve something is to get up and do it.

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