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Updated Thursday, 5th August 2004

Some small steps to exploring the universe

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The Astronomy Forum

Elsewhere on OpenLearn

Stardate: Transit of Venus - relive the rare passage of Venus across the Sun
Measure The AU - explore how the Transit can be used to calculate the distance between Earth and the Sun, and use our footage to calculate your own Astronomical Unit
Rough Science - in the closest thing to Mars on Earth, Death Valley, our scientists faced a series of space challenges
Schools Pack - recreate Rough Science's Space challenges in your classroom
Explore Mars - get to know the Red Planet with our interactive guide
Beagle2 - revisit the planning that went into the ultimately ill-fated attempt to land a rover on Mars
Virtual Planisphere - use our interactive to map the skies



Space -'s Space portal
Play Space - games, quizzes and downloads
Deep Space - the universe beyond our solar system
Galaxies - there's more to a galaxy than just a bunch of stars
Science and Nature news - the latest from BBC News online
Virutal tour of the National Space Centre - BBC Leicester's virtual tour

From The Open University

Astronomy Research Group - members of this group have research interests in various areas of astronomy, astrophysics and space science
Planetary and Space Sciences Research Institute - PSSRI has over 60 academics, research staff and research students boasting a wide range of strengths across planetary and space science.
Physics and Astronomy at the Open University - the homepage for the subjects at the OU
Physics and Astronomy events - find out what's on

From further afield...

The BBC and the Open University are not responsible for the content of external websites
Aspire Space - the home of one of Britain's leading amateur rocketry organisations
Astronomer - offers a wide range of members' obseravtions. Some features require subscription
Astronomy - Astronomy Magazine's online presence, including latest news and images. Some features require subscription.
Astronomy Now - News, sky charts and more from Astronomy Now magazine
British Astronomical Association - founded over 100 years ago, the Association aims are "the encouragement of all aspects of observational astronomy and the association of observers at all levels for mutual help"
British National Space Centre - a voluntary partnership between ten UK government departments and funding bodies to co-ordinate the UK's presence in space
ESA - The European Space Agency
Federation of Astronomical Socities - a union of astronomical societies throughout the UK, offering - amongst other services - a regular newsletter and a wealth of information about astronomy education
Google News - Space - the latest news stories on "space" from around the World
Guardian: Space - reports on Space exploration
International Meteor Organisation - collects data from observers of meteor showers around the globe
Jonathan's Space Review - bi-monthly round up of launches of manned and unmanned objects into space
NASA - Main entry-point for NASA on the web
NASA Today - the latest from NASA
Popular Astronomy - for over five decades the Society for Popular Astronomy has been offering help and advice to beginners and the experienced
Royal Astronomical Society - the RAS describe themselves as "the UK's leading professional body for astronomy & astrophysics, geophysics, solar and solar-terrestrial physics, and planetary sciences"
Salopian Web - full of advice and suggestions for the amateur astronomer
Sky and Telescope - known for its reviews of kit, the S&T website also features some nifty 'how to' guides as well as news and images
Solar System Live - Observe the Solar System in real time
Space Daily - "Your portal to space" has a free daily email bulletin service alongside its impressively comprehensive news ticker
UK Students for the Exploration and Development of Space - an international organisation dedicated to raising awareness of space education and space related issues in society





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