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Unclear about nuclear?

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Unclear about nuclear?

Young people (18+) who are interested in but unsure about entering the nuclear industry will find assistance in this free course, Unclear about nuclear? It will help develop their understanding of nuclear energy, improve their study and maths skills in a nuclear context and aid them in investigating further training (within and beyond the OU) or employment opportunities in the nuclear industry.

Course learning outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • engage in learning about the science behind nuclear energy
  • have been introduced to online learning using OU pedagogies
  • be able to improve your study skills in a nuclear context, so equipping you for further study and in particular study of the courses STG074 Learn about nuclear energy or ST174 Inside nuclear energy.
  • be able to improve your maths skills in a nuclear context and equip yourself for further learning, within and beyond the OU
  • be informed about further training and study, within and beyond the OU, that could equip you for employment in the nuclear industry.

First Published: 21/12/2012

Updated: 14/01/2017

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