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Free course

From Brexit to the break-up of Britain?

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From Brexit to the break-up of Britain?

This free course sets the experience of Brexit in the context of the UK. It first analyses Brexit as a symptom of the political, economic and social geography of the UK, focusing on its uneven development in a country increasingly dominated by London and the South East of England. It then considers how the divisions within the UK (within England as well as between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) were reflected in the voting patterns of the 2016 referendum. Finally, the course reflects on the implications of these short-term and long-term trends for the UK’s future as a multinational state.

Course learning outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • identify the geographical patterns of voting expressed in the 2016 referendum, particularly as reflected in regional outcomes within England and differences across the territories and nations of the UK (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales)
  • understand the underlying processes of uneven development that helped to shape those patterns and, in particular, understand how the development of the London city region affects patterns of development elsewhere in the UK
  • understand how the UK is constituted as a state, and how this has been affected by the referendum vote and the move towards Brexit
  • assess the role of nationalism and national identity in the context of the nations and territories that make up the UK
  • use and interpret a range of statistical data, including survey data. Interpret maps and understand the significance of the different ways in which they may be put together.

First Published: 20/12/2017

Updated: 15/02/2019

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