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Who needs research ethics? Take the challenge!

Updated Monday, 8th October 2018

Take our short interactive experience to learn why research ethics is really a researcher's best friend. You'll be taken through a case to look at where and when you think the ethics committee might step in and why this would be necessary. Meet a fictional committee and become a member!

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Find out more about research ethics and start your research career:

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BA/BSc (Honours) Open degree free course icon


BA/BSc (Honours) Open degree

Do you want the freedom to study a range of subjects? Then our Open qualifications are ideal. The BA/BSc (Honours) Open is an honours degree with a difference. Free from the restriction of a subject-specific specialism, you can set the direction of your learning. By choosing modules from over 16 subject areas, you'll create a bespoke qualification that reflects your interests, or helps you stand out in the competitive job market.

OU course
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BA (Honours) Social Sciences free course icon

Society, Politics & Law 

BA (Honours) Social Sciences

What causes riots? Is commercialisation eroding childhood? Does poverty lead to crime? Social science explores such questions and helps inform others – from police officers to civil servants to business executives – who want to base their decisions on the best evidence. The BA (Honours) Combined Social Science is designed to be very flexible, enabling you to develop a variety of knowledge and skills from a combination of subjects including psychology, sociology, social policy, criminology, geography, politics and economics. You can choose to follow a named specialism by concentrating on one of these areas, or create your own combination of subjects. This degree course will equip you with skills highly valued by employers, such as using IT for the retrieval and effective presentation of information and data; critical evaluation; and concise writing. You’ll have your own specialist, subject-based academic support as well as opportunities to join in online communities of other social sciences students for teaching, learning and peer support.

OU course

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Saving Setrus: To Intervene or not to Intervene

A neighbouring state is falling into war. You're the Prime Minister - can you use your political capital to legally intervene? Should you even try?

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Newyddion ffug yng Nghymru

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The 1979 General Election in Scotland: A Highpoint for Thatcher and the Tories? article icon

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The 1979 General Election in Scotland: A Highpoint for Thatcher and the Tories?

Gerry Mooney discusses the long shadow that Margaret Thatcher still casts over Scottish politics.

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Derry Air: the new local history

After anthropologist and Emeritus Professor of the OU, Ruth Finnegan, OBE, FBA took a trip to her birthplace she reflected afresh about the sources scholars use and the importance of memory, imagination and sounds, the feeling of a place.






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