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Updated Wednesday, 30th October 2013

A new partnership between Participation Now and, featuring contributions from practitioners, researchers and others.

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We've formed an editorial partnership with to facilitate debate among researchers, practitioners and others about participation and public engagement.

Visit the Participation Now page on to explore our growing collection of articles and join the debate.

Participation Now: Patterns, possibilities, politics

Participation Now recently passed several milestones. Here we review some of these, report initial findings and reflect on key issues in the field of participatory public engagement. Read more

Reshaping what it means to be public

An opening statement that sets out why we're interested in contemporary public participation and engagment, how we propose to explore this field, and some key questions for debate. Read more

Meet the practitioners

We have conducted a series of interviews with people involved in organising public participation initiatives. Read more

Recent articles on

Below is a list of recent articles that have appeared on openDemocracy as part of our collaboration.

Join the debate

We would like to hear from practitioners, researchers and others who have an interest in the possibilities and difficulties of participatory public engagement initiatives.

If you would like to contribute a short blog posts or longer piece that can be featured both on openDemocracy and Participation Now, please read our call for contributions and send us an email.





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