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The Real Wonder Women

Updated Monday, 5th March 2018
Take a look at 60 of the world's most influential and pioneering women and the impact they made over 100 years.

The women portrayed in this interactive are just a selection of influential, pioneering and successful women from across the world. They were chosen for their remarkable contributions to their field, despite their educational, social and economic status. Many were trailblazers for future women working in male-dominated fields; many had to fight for success and recognition which may have gone ignored.

While this list is by no means exhaustive, we hope it inspires you to celebrate the importance of women's achievements and to learn from their stories.

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Special thanks to: Sarah Bridgman, Tracy Buchanan, Jenni Carr, Jessica Carr, Simon Darnell, Clem Herman, Barbara Hodgson, Anne Kirkup, Barbara Mayor, Mary Thorpe, and Liz Whitelegg.


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