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How Do Scientists Know That?

Updated Tuesday, 7th September 2004

When scientists tell us what dinosaurs looked like, how can they be certain? How do they know that reveals these and other secrets.

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As we look around the natural world that surrounds us, it is pretty obvious that it is amazing. But to understand the true wonder of our natural world you need to take a closer look and delve into the mysteries that scientists have discovered over the centuries. From investigating the impact of invasive species to piecing together the life story of a dinosaur, the work of scientists sheds a whole new light on the world that surrounds us.

But how can a scientist know what a T-Rex looked like, how do they work out the way that continents have moved throughout the millenia, and how can something as simple as a garden plant unleash chaos on entire ecosystems?

So join with us as we ask How Do They Know That?
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