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Welcome to TPD@Scale and innovation in Teacher Professional Development

We are the TPD@Scale Coalition for the Global South, a collaborative working group of education ministries and other government agencies; international organizations; development agencies; non-governmental organizations; universities, education colleges, and training institutions; research and policy centers; private corporations; and other education and technology stakeholders who are engaged in studying and implementing large scale Teacher Professional Development (TPD) programmes. We use the ‘@’ symbol because Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) are key to large-scale teacher learning.

The goal of TPD@Scale is quality education for all through empowered and effective teachers. TPD@Scale is contributing to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 4 through quality, equitable and sustainable large-scale, ICT-mediated TPD. 

We created these courses because it is fairly easy to design and implement teacher professional development programmes. Many of us do this, around the world. It is much harder to create TPD programmes that are scalable and impact on large numbers of teachers, so that children’s learning outcomes improve. This is an urgent priority, especially in the post COVID era.

In this collection of courses you will learn about capacity building and system change, through adaptable models of large-scale TPD that utilise Information and Communications Technologies, (ICT) to achieve educational equity, quality and efficiency.

TPD@Scale is a model of scaling through adaptation – rather than scaling through replication, adoption or re-invention. These courses are about the process of achieving scale through the widespread use of programmes that are modified according to the needs of different users.

TPD@Scale refers to teacher professional development programmes which are mediated by ICTs and engage large numbers of teachers.  TPD@Scale programmes draw on known characteristics of:

  • effective TPD
  • theoretical and practical knowledge on scaling
  • emerging findings from the new field of ‘learning at scale’.

‘Learning at scale’ refers to digital  learning environments that enable resources and activities to be delivered to large numbers of learners who are not physically in the same place.

TPD@Scale programmes blend online and offline methods, systems, resources and activities in ways that meet the needs of teachers’ professional learning in diverse contexts.

Each course is approximately 4 hours of study, which you can do flexibly.

These courses are for you, if you are

  • a senior official in a ministry of education
  • a policy maker
  • a programme owner or designer
  • a funder 
  • a stakeholder partner e.g. NGO, university, research institute
  • a decision-maker who likes to think and act in innovative ways

The four TPD@Scale courses will

  • introduce principles, components and models of TPD@Scale
  • provide diverse evidence of TPD@Scale in practice in the Global South
  • support stakeholders in using TPD@Scale models for analysis and action
  • change perspectives and mind-sets about how to do quality TPD

You can work through the courses on your own, at your own pace, and return to any sections you want to review. You can study in your educational setting or workplace. 

If you plan to work through the courses with a colleague, or in a group, there are prompts for discussions. There is an optional section for facilitators.

At the end of each course there is a short quiz. When you pass each quiz, you achieve a digital badge and a certificate of completion for each course.

The digital badge is not a formal qualification, and it does not lead to certification. It is an acknowledgement of your completion of the course, your participation and achievement.

  • TPD@Scale: Introduction and key principles

    TPD@Scale: Introduction and key principles

    Course 1 introduces the foundational concepts of TPD@Scale.

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    4 hrs

  • TPD@Scale: Evidence and case studies

    TPD@Scale: Evidence and case studies

    Course 2 presents TPD@Scale evidence and case studies.

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    4 hrs

  • TPD@Scale: Analyze your context

    TPD@Scale: Analyze your context

    In Course 3 you will begin to analyze your context for teacher professional development with TPD@Scale.

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    4 hrs

  • TPD@Scale: Adapt for your context

    TPD@Scale: Adapt for your context

    In Course 4 you will adapt your context for TPD@Scale.

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    4 hrs

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