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London Centre for Languages and Cultures (LCLC)

London Centre for Languages and Cultures (LCLC)
    • Learning and teaching languages and cultures

      This course was written as part of the activities of the London Centre for Languages and Cultures (LCLC), which was launched in November 2013. This is an on going partnership between The Open University, Pembroke College Oxford, and sixth form colleges (first William Morris Sixth Form, then Westminster Academy) in Hammersmith. It has been set up with funding from the London Schools Excellence Fund, in conjunction with the Mayor of London and the Department for Education.

      The LCLC has been set up to enhance the subject knowledge of language teachers, and to encourage and promote the study of languages, which are traditionally less popular choices for university applicants from disadvantaged backgrounds. The languages included in the programme for the Centre are Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Persian, Portuguese and Spanish, as well as a focus on applied linguistics.

      The programme serves state schools across the three West London boroughs of Hammersmith & Fulham, Kensington & Chelsea, and the City of Westminster. The Centre’s activities include the provision of a network of subject resources, language study days, teacher seminars and a summer residential course held at Pembroke College Oxford. Cultural events and supporting lectures will promote languages and more generally intercultural awareness.

      For more information about the Centre and its activities, or for queries about this website, please contact Roseanne Chantiluke, the Centre Coordinator at or visit the project website at



      Picture of LCLC powerpoint. © Catherine Beckett

      © Pembroke College Oxford

      How to use this website

      This website has been developed by Xaviere Hassan, Lecturer in French at The Open University, as part of the LCLC online activities, using OpenLearn Create. It provides access to free online language resources. The website also offers language teachers the possibility to communicate with each other, across different schools, using dedicated forums in which they can discuss and exchange ideas.

      In order to access the website's resources, you will need to create an OpenLearn Create username and password. To do so, please click on Sign In on the top right-hand corner of this page and follow the instructions.  Then click on the enrol button. Once you have done this, you should then be able to access all of the website’s features; simply scroll down the page to see what is available.

      More resources are being developed and compiled, and the website will be continually updated. Forums for teachers of all nine of the Centre's languages are now open.

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